About Golden Relief.

Golden Relief comes from Relief, a leading global brand in Soft-Laser treatments for smoking cessation and other health issues, founded in 2004 by John Nelsbach and Mei Ling Selnes in Germany, expanded its operations to the Netherlands in 2023 after over a decade of success in Portugal.

Created in 2004 in Germany

Introduced in Portugal in 2011

Introduced in 2023 in the Netherlands by Relief Portugal

After its successful implementation through the anti-smoking treatment method in Berlin, the company established itself in almost all major German cities the following year. It now has representations in various countries across Europe and Latin America. The Soft-Laser method has been applied in the United States and Canada for over 20 years with excellent results.

Since 2004, Relief has been accumulating extraordinary experiences. Thousands of smokers have become non-smokers with our help. At present, we offer 5 treatments: Anti-Smoking, Allergic Rhinitis, Migraines, Anti-Stress, and Weight Loss.

According to our experience, the success rate is around 90% (Anti-smoking treatment). For those who return to smoking after the treatment (only 10%), we offer a second treatment free of charge within 1 year.

In Portugal, since 2011, the brand has clinics in Braga, Guimarães, Lisbon, Porto, Portimão, and Vila Nova de Gaia, as well as partnerships with health facilities and companies. Our goal is to expand across the mainland and islands. Over more than a decade in Portugal, we’ve helped thousands of smokers quit. Our clients’ satisfaction has been our best marketing tool, driving the brand’s success through word-of-mouth.

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Clarifications for the most common doubts.

How does laser therapy for quitting smoking work?

How does laser therapy for quitting smoking work? It’s a low-power cold laser, causing no pain, applied to specific points on the body (acupuncture points) located on the face, ears, arms, and hands. This treatment permanently interrupts nicotine dependence.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is a low-power laser, causing no danger. It doesn’t produce cuts, burns, or damage to tissues.

Is it effective?

Yes, it’s a method that is achieving a 90% success rate in patients, using new technologies and deep relaxation techniques. However, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness as it also depends on the patient’s will.

Are there any side effects?

No, the treatment is completely harmless and entirely safe; the stimulation of the points does not cause any damage to the skin.

Is laser therapy painful?

No, most patients don’t feel anything except for a slight tingling sensation at specific points. The majority of patients describe the treatment as relaxing and pleasant.

Can one gain weight?

Yes, there might be a weight gain of around +/- 3 kg. If opting for smoking cessation treatment without gaining weight, additional points will be stimulated to reduce the appetite sensation, preventing the patient from substituting tobacco dependency with food.

Who will perform the treatments?

The treatment will be carried out by therapists who are properly specialized and accredited by the brand.

Still not convinced?

See what our customers are saying.*

Carla Sobral, 47 years old
Viana do Castelo
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"It was the best money I've ever spent and it completely changed my life."
Cármen Bacelar, 65 years old
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"Yesterday was my birthday, and being able to sit with my family at the table without having to get up to smoke was a special feeling of freedom. My family is super happy, and so am I!"
Júlia Vitorino, 47 years old
Read More
"I can't stop smiling. I feel spectacular."
Fernando Vitorino, 51 years old
Read More
"I still remember, but I never thought it would be so easy!"
Arménio Santos, 51 years old
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"After almost 40 years of smoking heavily, quitting smoking in 90 minutes was much easier than I anticipated. Waking up the next day is completely different. I feel calmer, even at work."
Pedro Reis
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"I used to smoke an average of 50 cigarettes a day, underwent this treatment, and haven't smoked for three months now. A big thank you to Golden Relief and the therapist!"
Emília Malafaia, 47 years old
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"1 Year without smoking! Thank you Golden Relief, without you, it would have been very difficult!"
Rosilene Santos, 32 years old
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"Dear friends, this is for those skeptical people who don't believe in the truth of this treatment. I underwent the treatment, and since then, I haven't smoked again, and I'll say more, I never imagined it would be so easy. It's 190€ that completely change your life."
Catarina Lima, 45 years old
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"It's been 3 years since we put an end to tobacco! And it was the best thing we did! We entered Golden Relief, convinced that we couldn't defeat the addiction? Well, congratulations to us all!"
Amélia Fortunato
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"I did it! Give it a try, and you'll see. I only went once, and it worked. It's been four years and some months now! The same happened with the people I recommended! Thank you, Golden Relief!"
Arménio Santos, 51 years old
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"Quitting smoking after almost 40 years, in just 90 minutes, was much easier than I anticipated. Waking up the next day is completely different. I feel calmer, even at work."
Arménio Santos, 51 years old
Read More
"I still can't believe what happened; it feels like a dream. More energy and vitality, even though I felt fine as a smoker, now I feel like I've shed ten years. I will recommend it to everyone!"
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